CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks

CBD oil: definition, studies, benefits for health, and possible risks

In recent years, people talk a lot about CBD oil and numerous connected studies. This is a new topic, which finds its expression in a number of ways in many countries as an implication of regulations of manufacturing and using cannabis and hemp – two most popular plants, each of which is used for own purposes. The first one is usually used for getting ‘stoned’ (and is the source of receiving the substance called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC), while the second one is the source of medical marijuana and is used to receive a derivative called CBD, which you might have more commonly met in the form of oil. Let’s try to figure out these two in the article and look deeper at the medical side of the application of CBD oil. 


What is CBD oil: the study

There are a number of species of marijuana plants on Earth and some of them are used by people to make cannabidiol substances. Other applications of marijuana include receiving oil for cooking & fibers for clothes. The substance, which makes people junked up, is called Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, and having a common shortage known as THC. It derives from marijuana – the basic species of a plant’s group. While CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, derives from hemp – a plant, which has a close relation to marijuana but it does not contain THC. CBD oil is the most commonly known form of CBD substance. 

The study of CBD oil shows that, unlike THC, CBD oil does not cause ‘high’ in people, which is accompanied by silly giggling, the desire to drink water and eat, paranoia, and sometimes – severe cough. It does affect the human body, however, but it brings a high degree of relaxation, during which it lowers down all types of pains and is able to give a person good mood without any side effects of CBD oil, which THC gives, despite the fact that they both have the same chemical formula C21H30O2 (but they do have structural difference on the molecular level). The basic chemical difference is that CBD has a hydroxyl group in its structural formula of the molecule, while THC has a cyclic ring instead of a hydroxyl group. So, despite having the same number of atoms in molecules organized in a very similar manner, CBD is now known to have various medical applications, while THC is deprived of them. 

The other filling of marihuana and hemp plants has from 60 to 100 other different substances, which are all cleared up when producing the derived product. Actually – and we are going to consider it later, in the section about legal issues – the origin of C21H30O2 from the type of plant and the degree of purification sometimes are the factors, which deny or allow the use of this substance in medical purposes.

Speaking about legality of the use of C21H30O2, it must be said that it depends from country to country and from state to state. Now, the study shows that the medical use of CBD oil is approved by over 50% of the US states and 16 countries worldwide (with a number of upcoming approvals in the nearest years). Nine US states (with Washington D.C.) and a number of countries also allow recreational use of marijuana – in other words, yes, it is ‘smoking the weed’. Some medications also can contain THC inside of them but there should be no more than 0.3% of the volume to make it legal to use – according to the restrictive regulations of FDA (or, if you have more of it in the taken substance or use marijuana in a state holding the prohibition, you are going to deal with DEA in the US – not even being Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg).


The study of CBD oil benefits

Okay, now as we know the study of what CBD oil is and how it is different from other cannabis substances, we can have a deeper look at the study of CBD oil’s benefits. Or, a number of pieces of study if to say correctly. As of 2020, over 100 different studies in the world have been held about influences of CBD oil at various aspects of health. It is known today that the biggest effect CBD oil has on Lennox-Gastaut syndrome & Dravet syndrome – these two are met in children. According to the study, taking CBD oil in the medications by such children shown that after the course of treatment, they either fully stopped having seizures caused by the syndromes or have been deprived of them almost completely. 

Types of pain (back pain, stomach, headache, abdominal, menstrual, of limbs and musculature) also tend to decrease, alleviate, or to fully stop after the patient is taking a course of CBD oil, say some pieces of the study. In the number of occasions, one-time acceptance of CBD oil for pain lowers it and improves self-feeling of a human being.

It also positively works for inflammations – of bowel, skin wounds, and sometimes decreases the internal bleeding. It generally contributes to faster healing of traumas and damages.

It is also known to be a wonderful remedy for depressions and states related to it, including anxieties and psychotic states (also ones, which are the side effects of other ailments and states of the body like post-traumatic stress disorder). 

Heart and cardiovascular systems of the human being benefit from taking CBD oil, as the study says.

Cancer-related symptoms, says the study, such as pains and consequences of chemotherapy are brought down in severity and patients declare that the self-feeling after chemotherapy is ‘improved’ compared to when they take regular medications. Non-cancer tumors grow smaller in sizes. 

Also, it is now more and more often used as a replacement for standard medical drugs made using chemistry, in the number of occasions – namely, when the standard drugs cause addition or have major adverse impacts on human health. Because CBD oil has a much lesser number of CBD oil side effects, it is actively used as a replacing medication. The list of replaced meds is big in 2020; benzodiazepines are its headliners.

Its good effect on the state of the skin is manifested in acne, as the study says – they go away or significantly reduce after the series of treatment with CBD oil, which becomes even more effective if combined with proper nutrition and skin cosmetology procedures. 

Diabetes is also affected by the treatment. Also, the study shows diabetes itself is not treated as ailment by CBD oil but its connected effects are: inflammation is withdrawn and the blood sugar level is normalized. 


The study of CBD oil: how to use CBD oil

There is a number of ways how a person can take CBD oil (besides smoking in a hookah or by dropping it into the regular cigarette to inhale smoke):

  • making droplets by a pipette or dropper – into the mouth

  • as a dietary supplement that goes as a powder, liquid or tablets – to mix with what a person eats or drinks

  • capsules covered with gelatin

  • paste that should be rubbed into the skin close to the lesion focus

  • alcohol-based tincture of extract

  • spray that is put on the skin, on/under the tongue

  • tablets or sachets that one should drink with water or put under the tongue.

Smoking may give uncontrollable CBD oil effects. If you know the exact dosage of CBD oil containing in a med that you take and you can count the number of taken remedies, then when it comes to smoke – things are harder. First, it contains many additional substances, which you may be unaware of. Second, they may enhance or decrease the effect of CBD oil. Third, you cannot control the exact amount of smoke that you are inhaling, which may be significantly more than your body needs right now. 

Ideally, you should always stick to the prescribed amounts of CBD oil that your doctor is telling you, as they will depend on the number of factors, such as:

  • severity of your pain

  • type of pain and ailment that you have

  • your body weight

  • whether you are taking currently other meds or not

  • what are your records of taking CBD oil in the past (if you have taken it before, your body may now require bigger doses than it would be for a novice).

The study of CBD oil’s action

As studies show, cannabidiol acts differently from the chemical point of view on the human body depending on what type of it there is. THC acts on type 1 neuroreceptors in the human body, which are located in the brain – and it comes into direct chemical reaction with brain’s cells, provoking the feeling of euphoria that people know as ‘high’. CBD oil acts on type 2 neuroreceptors, which are not in the brain but in the body. Also, it does not come into direct chemical reaction with the cells, it only provokes the cells and glands to produce cannabidiol itself, which, thus, is natural and deprived of any admixtures. 

Along with positive influences on the body, which are described in upper chapters of this text, CBD oil also has a number of downsides (adverse reactions on the body):

  1. High sedation and intoxication of the body – if a person takes much higher doses than are prescribed or expected.
  2. Irritability.
  3. Disturbances of sleep, which are manifested in insomnia or sleepiness/drowsiness.
  4. Fatigue – which, however, is a very short-lived drawback, which is going to pass in a few days after the start of intake of CBD oil.
  5. Tiredness.
  6. Increase or deterioration of appetite.
  7. Diarrhea.


Before starting taking CBD oil, you should tell your doctor about all taken drugs by you currently because, as the study shows, CBD oil reacts with a long list of medications, increasing or decreasing their power. It also can react with some foods and drinks, so you should ask a doctor about any diet changes due to the intake of CBD oil.


The study of CBD oil’s legal status

Is CBD oil legal? There is no ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to this question. It depends on:

  • the type of plant used to receive CBD/THC from it

  • the concentration of the substance in the remedy, including oil

  • the territory you are residing and taking the medication – it varies largely across the US and the world. Some territories allow only CBD, while others allow CBD & THC with a number of limitations, while some territories prohibit both CBD & THC

  • if the remedy is used based on the prescription of a doctor or not (it is often illegal to get CBD oil without a prescription given by a doctor or another body or person, authorized to give such prescriptions).

In the US, the FDA is responsible for the regulation of CBD oil turnover and there are acts of 2014 and 2018 for that, separating CBD and THC.


The study of CBD oil’s usefulness for specific ailments and states:

  1. Study of CBD oil for depression

CBD oil is known to increase the level of serotonin in the human brain, which directly lowers the depressive states and makes them fade. It is widely used in the US for treatment of depressive states, as it is believed that they are responsible for 1/6 of all ailments of human. The state of depression is lowered significantly, as the study says.


  1. Study of CBD oil for arthritis

The study provides that ‘much better’ feeling of patients occurs after they are treated with CBD oil. People also have fewer cramps and spasms, and their ability to walk improves. 


  1. Study of CBD oil for migraines

In 4 cases out of 10, people express from lower to significantly lower level of migraines that they have thanks to CBD oil. 


  1. Study of CBD hemp oil for back pain

This type of pain is well treated with CBD oil. Patients express ‘significant’ improvement in the level of pain. CBD oil provokes the human body to produce cannabidiol substances by its endocannabinoid system (embracing the functioning of appetite, sleep, immune, and pain systems of the body). CBD inflammation is also reduced.


  1. Study of CBD oil for cancer

Cancer itself is not treated by CBD oil but studies show that the derived effects like pain and consequences of chemotherapy are decreased. People less vomit and feel better generally if to compare their state when they take not CBD oil but standard medications.


  1. Study of CBD oil for pets

Pets can be treated with this substance to improve the below-mentioned states:

  • stress

  • seizures

  • nausea

  • issues with the gastrointestinal tract

  • cancer’s symptoms

  • back pain

  • arthritis

  • anxiety.


  1. Study of CBD oil for inflammation

There is a reduction in the level of inflammation – but there is no further information about the level of the help of CBD oil in this study. Some pieces of research were done on lab rats and their inflammations decreased in almost every examined rat.


  1. Study of CBD oil for anxiety

Anxiety is one of existing mental impairments, which are effectively treated by CBD oil, along with sclerosis. This substance is used also to replace the existing medicinal treatment, which is known to cause addiction in the patients and/or having serious adverse effects of intake. 


  1. Study of CBD oil for sleep

People having sleep disorders had undergone treatment with CBD oil in one piece of study and have told by the end of it that they feel ‘effective’ sleep improvement. Also, no matter what type of ailment of a person causes sleep disorders, they all same effectively treated by this substance (Parkinson’s disease is not exclusion). The tested group told that the quality of sleep became better.


  1. Study of CBD benefits for ADHD

ADHD is ‘deficit hyperactivity disorder’. Despite the fact that some people try to treat ADHD with CBD oil, there is no study that shows a significant difference in the effect of CBD oil from the effect of placebo. So, no doctor currently prescribes CBD oil for ADHD (if they are not scoundrels) and thus, any article about the evidential effect of CBD oil on the deficit hyperactivity disorder you might have read or going to read is not telling the truth (or does not have a reliable medicinal study as the background).


  1. Study of CBD oil for seizures

Pieces of study tell that seizures caused by other ailments than Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome, the same as ADHD, cannot be effectively treated with CBD oil – as there are no reliable medicinal study results that approve any effectiveness of CBD oil for seizures.


  1. Study of benefits of CBD oil for diabetes

The study shows – diabetes is not treated directly by CBD oil but its effects are: control of the level of glucose becomes better and it can turn into the normal state with bigger ease, as well as bowel and stomach inflammation gets lesser. 


  1. Study of benefits of CBD oil for autism

The study tells that the main core symptoms of autism are not affected by CBD oil but such its manifestations as anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and epilepsy are treated.